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The significant advantage of surpassing the traditional technology

TCK.W magnetic memory wire rope Al weak magnetic inspection technology fully uses the characteristic of magnetic memory of Ferro-magnetic material. It actively regulates a memory magnetic field with appropriate quantity. It uses wide air gap and noncontact weak magnetic sensing technology and Al technology. By collecting magnetic energy potential differential information distributed and memorized in wire rope volume element, it can inspect online, realtime, automatically all kinds of hidden dangers of wire rope such as broken wire, abrasion. corrosion and fatigue during the rope operation.

TCK.W has 34 core technology patents, 3 invention patents from the United States, the European Union and Japan, and 24 software Copyrights.

Winner of Spotlight on New Technology, OTC in 2018 USA

OCC Award Speech:

The TCK.W wire rope online automatic detection system will completely change the way of manual and periodic visual inspection. Through continuous and uninterrupted inspection during the operation of the wire rope, the safety monitoring of the wire rope will be raised to the highest state.

Awarded with Domestic and Foreign Technology Innovation Awards

Chinese Science

National invention award

Won China coal industry science and Technology Award

Won the science and technology achievement appraisal

Coal safety certification

Explosion-proof Certification

CCC Certification

Wire rope online automatic monitoring system

Machine detection replaces manual detection,It can scientifically extend the service life of wire rope and reduce the cost of wire rope

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Portable wire rope tester

t can inspect all kinds of wire rope flaws such as internal, external broken wire, abrasion, corrosion, deformation, fatigue etc.

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Elevator wire rope online monitoring system

The elevator wire rope inspection technology invented by TCK.W and successfully solve the technical problem of wire rope detection.

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Elevator wire rope online monitoring system

After TCK. W system is installed in the main belt of a mine,not only ensures the operation safety of the conveyor belt, but also creates huge economic benefits.

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What can I do-——It can inspect all kinds of wire rope flaws such as internal, external broken wire, abrasion, corrosion, deformation, fatigue etc.

  • Flaw detectability

    Check wire rope safety

    Severe flaw: LMA reaches 80%-100% of discard upper limit, real-time detectability 100%

    Serious flaw: LMA reaches 60%-80% of discard upper limit, real-time detectability 100%

    Medium flaw: LMA reaches 40%-60% of discard upper limit, real-time detectability 100%

    Minor flaw: LMA reaches 20%-40% of discard upper limit, real-time detectability >99%

    Slight flaw: LMA reaches 20% of discard upper limit, real-time detectability >95%

    • Slight
    • Minor
    • Medium
    • Serious
    • Severe
  • Inspection repeatability

    Monitoring wire rope status

    Severe flaw: 100%

    Serious flaw: 100%

    Medium flaw: 100%

    Minor flaw: 99%

    Slight flaw: 95%

    • Slight
    • Minor
    • Medium
    • Serious
    • Severe
  • Inspection Accuracy

    Identify the wear status of wire rope

    LMA inspection uncertainty: <±1%;

    Broken wires q ● uantitative error in one lay length: <1 wire*

    Wire rope dia. measure error: ±1%*

    Flaw positioning accuracy:≥99%;

    Remark:* Partially equipped with AI machine vision identification system

What can i do——Quantitative detection of various conveyor belt damages with accurate positioning such as displacement of splice, broken cords, surface defects, longitudinal tearing, etc.

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  • Winner of 2018 OTC Innovation Award on New Technology

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  • TWire Rope Inspection site

  • Elevator Wire Rope Intelligent Inspection Expert System

  • Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System

TCK.W Weak magnetic detection technology——Safety is more benefit

Wire rope intelligent monitoring technology is an important part of intelligent mining

( Bayan Gaole Mine App licatinn Case)

1、Mining Hoist Status Overview for Bayangale coal mine

The main hoist of Bayan Gaole mine is a 4-rope floor type friction hoist, whose height is 595 meters with lifting speed of 10.37 m/s in the production process and lifting time of about 3 minutes. The lifting amount of a full cycle is 38 tons times two. The motor power of the hoist is 5000kW·h, with 20 lift cycles per hour and 360 working days per year.

2、TCK. W system applications

1.Wire rope safety has been raised to the highest level

Realize the replacement of manual inspect with machine intelligent inspection. Complete 24 hours X 365 days wire rope full life cycle safety monitoring. Wire rope safety hazards can be found in a timely manner and completely eliminated rope breakage accidents.

2.Complete the intelligent monitoring of big data at the same time of production, which is costs reduction and efficiency improvement.

2.1 According to the Coal Mine Safety Regulations, the lifting of wire ropes must be checked once a day.

2.2 The mine inspector inspects the wire rope once a day at a speed of 0.5m/s and takes 0.5h. One inspection needs energy consumption of 2500Kw, which reduces 10 lift cycles namely 760 tons. The annual inspection time is about 180h, with energy consumption of 900,000 kW.h, reducing 3600 lift cycles, namely 273.6 million tons. Based on the current price of 1760 CHY per ton of coal, the annual output value will be reduced by 481.5 million CHY.

2.3 With TCK.W system, the mine can be realized with monitoring at the same time as production. The annual reduction of shutdown time will be 180 hours, during which 273.6 million tons of raw coal can be increased , namely output value of nearly 481.5 million CHY.

2.4 Save 900,000 kW·h of power consumption special for wire rope inspection, and save electricity costs of 369,000 CHY.

3.Significant energy-saving and emission-reduction effects, helping to achieve the dual-carbon goal

The annual energy consumption used for rope inspection at the Bayangaole Mine, China is 900,000 kW.h, which has invisibly increased carbon dioxide emissions by 897,300 kg. After using the TCK.W inspection system, it can save 900,000 kW.h of energy consumption for rope testing and 897,300 kg of carbon dioxide emissions throughout the year, providing a strong technical guarantee for the realization of the "Dual Carbon" goal.

4、Save the cost of rope and provide technical catch for protecting the environment.

The cost of use of rope in Bayangaole Mine, China is 1,722,100 CHY, and the rope replacement period is 2 years. The average annual cost of ropes is 860,000 CHY, and there may be waste of wire ropes. According to the coal mine safety regulations, after 2 years of use, the wire rope can continue to be used for 1 year if the number of broken wire rope, the rope diameter reduction, and the degree of corrosion do not exceed the regulations. We believe that the TCK.W intelligent monitoring system may prolong the service life of wire ropes by at least one year and reduce the cost of ropes by one third while ensuring safety. The annual cost of ropes can be reduced from 860,000 CHY to 570,000 CHY; the average cost of ropes each time is reduced by 860,000 CHY. We believe that under the state of intelligent monitoring of the TCK.W equipment for the wire rope of the Bayangaole Mine, China, the safety development trend of the wire rope can be fully mastered, and it is entirely possible to save the amount of wire rope and reduce the cost of the rope under the premise of ensuring the safety of the wire rope. And this will contribute to perform President Xi Jinping's solemn commitment to the “3060 dual-carbon target” put forward by the Chinese government at the United Nations Global Climate Conference and for the circular economy, resource protection, and environmental protection.

Outstanding safety, economic, environmental protection and management benefits

  • Comparison
  • Traditional manual inspection TCK.W
  • TCK.W innovative technology
  • 1. Safety concern
  • Extern al defects can be detected partially and internal defects cannot be detected; non-continuous inspection time, difficult to monitor defects development trends.
  • Hidden danger of wire rope broken accident can be avoided. Wire rope safety has been upgraded to its highest level.
  • 2.Cost decreasing and benefit increasing
  • The inspection speed is 0.3m/s. Rope inspections are executed in two shifts per day, each inspection consumes 0.5 hour in each shift, 1 hour per day. Inspection will cost 330 hours in 330working days each year.
  • The inspection speed can be 3-6m/s when it passes the sensors, the inspection will only take 3 minutes for two shifts each day with less than 20 hours per year, in this case on average more than 330 working hours can be added for each oil drilling rig every year.
  • 3.Energy saving and emission reduction consumption
  • Regular change of wire rope, resulting in huge waste.
  • Save rope inspection energy consumption of about 189410 kWh, save carbon dioxide emission of 188842kg and carbon emission of 51520kg.
  • 4. Human cost reduction
  • 611 Kwh energy are consumed each day for manual inspection, and totally 201630 kWh each year.
  • Manual inspection is replaced with machine intelligent inspection.
  • 5. Wire rope cost reduction
  • Two persons are needed for drilling rope inspection each day, and it takes 2 hours for it. Total inspection time is 660 hours.
  • Wire rope whole lifecycle safety monitoring and wire rope costs reduction.
  • 6. Scientific management
  • Rope inspection records are scattered, with poor retrieval.
  • Wire rope inspection records and data retrieval can be ensured;It can help to keep wire rope safety to its highest level.

MS port case analysis: safety benefits, economic benefit, environmental benefit, outstanding management benefit

  • Comparison
  • Manual inspection TCK.W
  • TCK.W innovative technology
  • 1.Safety pain points
  • The reliability of manual inspection is poor, and the internal flaws cannot be detected; the process safety is uncontrolled, and the major hidden dangers are difficult to be eliminated.
  • Comprehensively inspect all kinds of internal and external flaws of rope, replace manual inspection with machine intelligent one, and reach the highest level of wire rope safety.
  • 2.Decrease costs & increase benefits
  • The testing speed is 0.3m/s, it is high energy consumption, low efficiency and long inspection time; Regular inspection: the annual average inspection is 16.5 times, with each inspection for 2 hours, and the annual inspection time is about 33 hours; Daily inspection: it takes 20 minutes for two shifts of inspection in a day, which is calculated as 300d / year and takes 100h; The inspection time of wire rope of quay crane is about 133h every year; the operation of container hoisting is stopped during the inspection.
  • The inspection is completed during the hoisting operation, saving 133h of inspection time in the whole year; based on an average of 30TEU / h, each quay crane can increase 3990 TEU lifting every year; based on hoisting fee 1600 Yuan / TEU, the output value can be increased by 6.384 million Yuan. The service life of TCK. W equipment is 10 years, and the annual input-output ratio is greater than 1:88. The annual output value of 36 quay crane in MS port can be increased by 22982 million Yuan if TCK. W equipment are used in all quay cranes.
  • 3.Rope cost
  • Regular or quantitative rope replacement ensures safety by sacrificing cost, and the waste of wire rope is serious.
  • Monitoring the safety of wire rope during its service time; Decrease the rope cost scientifically
  • 4.Energysaving & emission reduction
  • Winch motor power: lifting motor 580kw; trolley motor 270kW, luffing motor 360kW. The power consumption of lifting rope / trolley rope inspection is 1105kW in 1.3h and luffing rope inspection is 253.4kW in 0.7h. The annual energy consumption is 22410 kW h for 16.5 times inspection.
  • Each quay crane can reduce 22410kw / h of energy consumption for wire rope inspection every year; 36 units quay crane in MS port can save detection energy every year: 806800 kW h; Carbon dioxide emission reduction: 804300 kg. Carbon emission reduction: 219400 kg.
  • 5.Human cost
  • It takes 2 hours, needs 6 person to do regular ropes inspection each time, average annual 198 hours: taking average annual 100 hours for daily inspection, annual manual inspection time:298hours.
  • Machine intelligence inspection replace manual testing.
  • 6.Scientific management
  • Scattered rope inspection records, poor traceability, unable to manage the life cycle of wire rope scientifically.
  • Inspection big data support, test results can be traced, and the life cycle of wire rope can be evaluated.


Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System

Wire Rope Online Inspection System For Offshore

Elevator wire rope online monitoring system

Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System

Ropeway Wire Rope Inspection Intelligent Expert

Wire Rope Online Automatic Inspection System

Customer evaluation
The series of products have entered 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and so on. The users cover many fields such as mines, ports, oil, ships, construction, iron and steel metallurgy, national defense and military industry, cranes, elevators, cableways, cable-stayed bridges, and more than 3500 customers worldwide.
Canadian customer cableway
Steve chan:Application case of cableway in Canada

The device can meet the damage detection requirements of the ropeway rope, ensure the safe operation of the ropeway rope under severe cold weather conditions, and reduce the labor intensity of the inspectors.

Austrian customer cableway
Austrian Rope Rope Inspection Certificate

The TCK. W detection system can detect the broken wire of the rope and take photos of the broken wire to ensure the safety of the rope.

Singapore Customer Cableway
Singapore Cableway Application Certificate

This system integrates the magnetic detection system and visual recognition system of the cableway, and can detect the loss of the cross section area of the cableway wire rope. The detection system has been in safe operation for 10 years

Beijing International Trade Sharing Center
Beijing International Trade Sharing Center

TCK. W wire rope intelligent detection expert system allows us to monitor the running status of wire rope in real time without leaving the monitoring room, and also ensures the safe operation of elevator

Shanghai famous large port
Shanghai famous large port

The testing equipment operates normally, the testing accuracy is broken, and the trainers are responsible

China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd
China Three Gorges Group Co., Ltd

I hope your company can continue to develop new products

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