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Wire Rope Online Inspection System For Offshore Drilling Rig

Wire Rope Online Inspection System For Offshore Drilling Rig

1. The safe operation of wire rope is always in a completely controlled monitoring state.
2. The inspection is completed during production, thus leading the two processes of production and inspection combined into one, effectively improving the utilization rate of equipment.
3. It can reduce energy consumption of the equipment used for wire rope detection, save energy and reduce consumption significantly;
4. It can scientifically extend the service life of wire rope and reduce the cost of wire rope.

who I am——Wire Rope Online Inspection System For Offshore Drilling Rig


Technical Parameters

(1) Inspection range of wire rope: Φ16-80mm;

(2) LMA inspection uncertainty: <±1%;

(3) Flaw positioning accuracy:≥99%;

(4) Inspection speed: 0-6m/s;

(5) Monitoring speed: 0-20m/s;

(6) Passing-through capability: Non-interferencewith warp, grease or deformation;

(7) Clearance between sensor and wire rope: 10-30mm;

(8) Max. amplitude of wire rope: <10mm;

(9) Sensor sensitivity: 1.5V/mT;

(10) Signal-to-noise ratio: S/N>85dB;

(11) Max. sampling rate: 2048times/m;

(12) Working voltage: AC220V±10%/50/60 Hz;

(13) Communication network: WIFI or industrial Ethernet;

(14) Docking communication protocol: TCP/IP, Modbus;

(15) Ingress protection: IP67;

(16) Working environment: -40℃-+60℃/RH 95%;

(17) Continuous working hours: ≥168h;

(18) Service life of equipment: ≥10 years;

Flaw Detectability

● Severe flaw: LMA reaches 8%-10% , real-time detectability 100%

● Serious flaw: LMA reaches 6%-8% , real-time detectability 100%

● Medium flaw: LMA reaches 4%-6% , real-time detectability 100%

● Minor flaw: LMA reaches 2%-4% , real-time detectability >99%

● Slight flaw: LMA reaches =2% , real-time detectability >95%

LMA reaches >1% , real-time detectability >95%

Inspection Repeatability

● Severe flaw: 100%,flaws inspection waveforms basically coincide

● Serious flaw: 100%,flaws inspection waveforms basically coincide

● Medium flaw: 100%,flaws inspection waveforms basically coincide

● Minor flaw: >99%,flaws inspection waveforms basically coincide

● Slight flaw: >95%,flaws inspection waveforms basically coincide

Inspection Accuracy

●Steel wire rope, coiled tubing metal cross-sectional area (LMA) loss rate detection error: < ±1% 

● Broken wires quantitative error i n one lay length: <1 wire*

●Steel wire rope, coiled tubing dia. measure error: ±1%*

●Steel wire rope, coiled tubing measuring error of wire rope length:<0.2%

●Flaw positioning accuracy:≥99%;

What can I do-——It can inspect all kinds of wire rope flaws such as internal, external broken wire, abrasion, corrosion, deformation, fatigue etc.

Outstanding safety, economic, environmental protection and management benefits

ComparisonTraditional manual inspectionTCK.W innovative technology
1. Safety pain points

Manual testing speed is 0.3m/s, which is low efficient, not reliable.

24 hours X365 days online real-time automatic monitoring, Raise wire rope and coiled tubing safety to the highest level.

2.Costdecreasing and benefit increasing

Rope inspections are executed in two shiftsper day, each inspection consumes 0.5 hour in each shift, 1 hour per day. Inspection will cost 330 hours in 330working days each year.Complete inspection while production, save testing time 1h per day, increase working time per rig per year > 300h.

3.Dual carbon target

Sacrificing cost to ensure safety causes serious waste of wire rope and coiled tubing.Full life cycle safety monitoring, scientific reduction of use costs. To provide a technical enabler for the circular economy and achieving dual- carbon targets.
4. Human cost reduction611 Kwh energy are consumed each day for manual inspection, and totally 201,630 kWh each year.Save annual energy consumption for inspection 201630Kwh, reduce carbon dioxide emissions 201,025Kg.
5. Human costTwo persons are needed for drilling rope inspection each day, and it takes 2 hours for it. Total inspection time is 660 hours.Machine intelligent inspection replace manual testing
6. Scientific managementRope inspection records are scattered, with poor retrieval.Test big data assurance, the results can be traced. Accurately assess the safety status and life cycle of wire ropes and coiled tubing.