The company's creed is: serving customers wholeheartedly! Responsibility is the most basic way of survival for our company! In our company, profit always comes second.










Three major value-added commitments

Service is an extension of product value. The company is committed to providing high-quality value-added services to every customer, and solemnly makes three commitments:

Lifelong service commitment

Free replacement and maintenance within the warranty period. Lifetime warranty outside the warranty period.

Software Upgrade Commitment

Customers always enjoy the upgrade service of detection software

Commitment to using the latest technology

Customers always enjoy the promise of using the latest technology

Customer training system

Our company holds three customer training courses each month, each lasting for three days. An experienced team of lecturers teaches customers about the basic knowledge of steel wire rope, weak magnetic detection principle, product structure, detection standards, steel wire rope safety management, etc. Professional technicians guide customers in equipment operation, answer customers' difficult questions, and ensure that customers use our company's products correctly.

First-class equipment requires first-class operation, just like the world shooting champion Xu Haifeng's gun must be a good gun with first-class performance, but if it is used by someone who has not undergone rigorous training, it will certainly not be able to achieve world-class results.

Although our company's product has the leading weak magnetic detection technology in the world and has unparalleled technical advantages compared to traditional detectors, only by mastering the correct operation of the instrument can we fully utilize its advantages.

Customer Care System

The company has established a customer service center, set up after-sales hotline phone, and can solve the problems of customers at any time. At the same time, the company implements the following customer care plans for existing customers:

Establish customer profile

Regular customer follow-up

Timely resolution of customer feedback

customer satisfaction

Timely transmission of company dynamics