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Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System

Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System

1. The safe operation of wire rope is always in a completely controlled monitoring state.
2. The inspection is completed during production, thus leading the two processes of production and inspection combined into one, effectively improving the utilization rate of equipment.
3. It can reduce energy consumption of the equipment used for wire rope detection, save energy and reduce consumption significantly;
4. It can scientifically extend the service life of wire rope and reduce the cost of wire rope.

who I am——Steel Core Conveyor Belt Intelligent Monitoring System


System layout


Horizontal Belt Breakage Parameters

1. Transverse broken belt monitoring function:24h×365d online real-time automatic monitoring

2. Inspection speed: 0-8m/s

3. Splice positioning accuracy rate: 100%

4. Measurement uncertainty of steel cords splicedisplacement: ±2mm

5. Broken cords qualitative accuracy rate: >99%

6. Quantitative uncertainty of broken cords number: ± 1

7. Location accuracy of flaw point:Ordinate length uncertainty: <1‰

Abscissa length uncertainty :<10mm

8. Splice recognition accuracy: 100%

9. Major hidden danger real-time alarming and belt haltresponse time: <1s

10. Temperature: -20℃~60℃; Humidity:≤95%RH

11. Ingress protection: IP67

12. Historic data query function

13. System remote debugging and diagnostic function

14. Safety Certificate:Coal mining safety certificate,explosion-proof certificate

Longitudinal tear parameters

1. Conveyor belt longitudinal tear recognition accuracy:Longitudinal tear length: ≤20mm;Transverse split width: ≤1mm

2. Applicable belt width:800-2,400mm

3. Processing rate:80,000*2,048 pixel/s

4. Image resolution: 1.0mm×1.0mm

5. Video camera lateral visual field: 800-2,800 mm

6. Monitoring speed: 1-8m/s

7. Image identification time: <0.1s

8. Longitudinal tear alarming response time: <1s

9. Flaw positioning accuracy uncertainty: 0.1m

10. Line array camera line frequency: 80 kHz

11. Light source normal service life: >30,000h

12. Ingress protection: IP 57

13.Environment temperature: -20℃∼60℃;Humidity: ≤95%RH

14. Safety certificate:Coal mining safety certificate,Explosion-proof certificate


What can I do-——It can inspect all kinds of wire rope flaws such as internal, external broken wire, abrasion, corrosion, deformation, fatigue etc.


Transverse fracture  software interface & Inspection reprot


Longitudinal tearing software interface & inspection report